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Tally.erp 9 Web Control ? Manage your Tally over web

Tally.erp 9 Web Control helps you to control your Tally software over the web.


Tally.erp 9 Web Control : Why you should use it?

Tired or using Control Center in Tally.erp 9 ? go for its web-based version Tally.erp 9 Web Control . Web-based version of Tally.erp 9 is easy to manage and  personally  I feels that Tally should offer only web-based control center and  remove the inbuilt software feature as it makes the stuff unnecessary complicated.  Tally.erp 9 Web Control is more user-friendly and easy to use.

Here is the process to use Tally.erp 9 Web Control

Tally.erp 9 Web Control” how it works ?

1. Go to web site of Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd
2. on left top side, there is a login id and p.w. field



3. fill in your Tally.net id and p.w.
4. press login it will take you to web-based control

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Credit Card expenses how to book in accounts

Credit Card expenses are common now days in fact, it is a kind of credit facilities and does not differ in accounting treatment. Goods bought on credit from the supplier in the same way, Credit Card expenses is accounted  into books of accounts This post will explain you how to book Credit Card expenses in accounts and in Tally.erp 9

Credit Card expenses | basic understanding

To book the the accounting entries for Credit Card expenses, one should understand the concept of credit card.

What is a credit card and how it works? who is paying the money, who is giving benefits who is receiving the benefits and what is the nature of benefits/expenses. The answer to above questions, will help in booking accounting entries for Credit Card expenses


Credit Card expenses | features of a credit card

A credit card is an electronic chip based card.

Credit Card

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online basic accounting course

Online basic accounting course is now available for all our readers. We are starting series of free online basic accounting courses and are sure it will be very useful

for those who wish to make a career in Accounting and finance field.

Online basic accounting course — How to Start

The articles will be available in simple English language with explanations and examples of various accounting principles and transactions. There will be problems with

solutions of different situations that arise in real day to day commercial life. Online basic accounting course will help in solving the problems relating to accounting and in attaining expertise in Accountancy.

Online basic accounting course will contain  mainly the  practical examples and provide guidance in making and posting particular entry in accounts.

online basic accounting course |How can it can be useful in an Accounting software ?

An accounting or an ERP software is just

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Schedule VI Balance Sheet

Schedule VI Balance Sheet is now available with Release 3.2 of Tally.erp 9. Here, is a complete step by step tutorials to help to generate the Scheduled Balance Sheet from Tally.erp 9. The default Tally.erp 9 does not  generate a detailed  balance sheet, makes it complicated to  study the same. Here, this option gives an in-depth view of the Financials.

Schedule VI Balance Sheet | Why it is requiring?

All Companies registered in India are requires to prepare their Financials in the format provided in Schedule VI of the Companies Act. This format is popularly knowing as Schedule VI Balance Sheet and is used to generate Balance Sheet in Schedule VI format. It is  useful not only for companies but  any other types of  business units. The default Tally.erp 9 does not provide us a detailed balance sheet,  which shows ledgers under groups so, here Schedule balance sheet helps all

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Debit Note | how to account it in Tally.erp 9 :- Debit Note.

Debit Note As the name suggest an instrument or a  note  which is related with DEBIT. A Credit note is an opposite meaning to a Debit Note. In accounts people have to deal with Debit and Credit note often.

Debit Note| An in-depth understanding

A person or business firm who issue the Debit Note to a party, is the issuer of the debit note.
it suggested that the issuer had debited the account of the recipient of the debit advice.A debit advice can be issued for variety of reasons. It can be issued to a supplier as well as a customer also
there are cases when the situation to create a debit voucher arise.

Debit Note | Some examples

your company had purchased some laptops say for USD $2600
now, there are some damaged materials you received with the system worth of USD $25 and you want to return

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Small business accounting software

Small business accounting software as the name suggest it is an accounting software for small and medium sized company how can not invest a huge amount after software deployment for their requirement but again without a proper software they are not able to manage their business considering today’s complex business module

Small business accounting software | why it is required

Business enterprise needs to keep up the accounting in a proper system due
to need of laws as well as it helps the business unit itself to keep
control over the resources of the unit as well as to develop the business
otherwise the management will reach to a point where it find itself helpless
to grow further.The business accounting package help the small and medium
size business unit to keep their accounting data up to the point  in the
most affordable way.small business accounting software help the small and

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Online Tally Test| Test your Tally knowledge

Online Tally test articles which I have created in past generate a great response and interest among the Tally learner community. So many users have participated in the first Online Tally test and tried to enhance their Tally knowledge.


Online Tally test Modified version

In earlier version, a participant can only see the correct or false answer along with the result.Now we come out with a modified version and after submission of your answer you will be able to see the explanation /understanding of the correctness of the answer. it will surely help the Tally user to understanding things more easily.


Right now, only two questions I have added here but will be adding more question so, don’t forget to come back to test your knowledge. I will adding some Screen shots based questions also in coming future.


Finally, if you like our services than consider sharing

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e-Sugam |How to enable in Tally.erp 9

e-Sugam in Tally.erp 9 is just now available with Stat release 143

The Commercial Taxes Department of Karnataka has introduced e-Sugam to upload the transportation details of notified goods before the movement of such goods. The dealer has to first upload the transportation details of despatch/receipt of goods to obtain an acknowledgement called e-SUGAM. For each transaction, the e-SUGAM acknowledgement gets generated with a unique number and acts a valid document for transportation of goods. This number has to be quoted at check post for quick clearance of goods.

In Tally.ERP 9 the e-Sugam feature is introduced to enter the transportation details in the invoice and then generate the XML file – eSUGAM.xml for uploading to the Department website.

e-Sugam in Tally.ERP 9

In the sales invoice, purchase invoice, delivery note, receipt note, debit note and credit note a field – Is e-Sugam Applicable is introduced. After selecting the stock

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Tally TroubleShooting |Speed Issue

Tally Troubleshooting is useful relating to performance issue in Tally.erp 9.

Tally troubleshooting list

Check List for Tally troubleshooting Performance Issues

1. Number of Client Machines
2. Size of the Data. (Statistics and No. of Financial Years in Data)
3. Network Speed. (Link Speed)/ Type of Network (whether Hubs or Switches/ Ping Speed) from Client machines to Server machine. (Data Server)
4. RAM Capacity on all the machines.
5. Antivirus on Server and Client machines may cause Tally troubleshooting.

Tally troubleshooting understanding in-depth

Let’s understand in detailed each aspect of Tally troubleshooting list

1. Number of Client Machines: It is vital to know the number of Client machines because Tally is a single threaded application and the request sent by one Client machine will have to be processed before a response can be given. The request of another Client machine can be processed only after the Data server in use,

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Tally TDL students and Professionals invited to join with us

As, you all know tally.erp 9 is the leading Indian Accounting software which offers the best code less ERP Accounting software with lowest prices and excellent support. Recently, tally has introduced so many excited features in its release 2.0 with its powerful ERP engine and more such features are in pipeline to come out.

There add-Ons developed by TDL programmer which help a tally user to mold tally further to their specific need.

Tally TDL is tally’s programming language and if you can learn it, you may change default tally as per your need and there is a bright future for people who know tally TDL

I have written several articles on Tally TDL and I get great response from students asking me how to learn tally TDL.

If you are interested to learn tally TDL in a systematic way, the just fill out the form given below and we

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