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Cash Flow Statements in Accountancy

Accountancy starts from basic of accountancy and ends with the preparation of Financial statements. . Cash Flow statement is a part of the Financial Statements. It is also known as funds flow statement.

In day to day life, many of you might have know about the cash flow statement however majority of us still not know exactly what it is ?

Cash Flow statement is one of the main financial statements along with the balance sheet, profit and loss accounts, directors reports etc.

As the name suggest Cash flow statement is nothing just a statement of cash received and cash spent during a particular time.

The cash flow statement  prepared with an objective of getting insight information about cash generated and disbursed during the period

A. Operational Activitie

B. Capital Investment

Financial statements help management in proper decision making process relating to financial activities and Cash flow statements indicates cash

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Know your Tally Service Partner (TSP)

Tally.erp 9 is a product from Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd which is famous  as India’s Microsoft. A company which delivered high value complete ERP software at a throw away Prices and giving more and more updates and advanced technology benefits to its users.

No other software company have such capacity to offer such an advanced ERP Accounting software with so many features to users which any one can use easily without need of any high skill or special need. Further to above, Tally’s support to its user is unbeatable

Tally is having  a perfect channel of its partners to help tally user. This channel consists Tally Partner (TP), Tally Service Partner(TSP), Tally Integrator (TI) and Tally Extender (TE)

When we use an ERP or some other software, many times situation arise that we need support of some technical person as technological field in today’s age is constantly changing and it’s

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Get a 100% genuine free tally license

So, many people are asking crack or hacked tally.erp 9 license as they do not want to pay.Tally is the world best ERP software which provides so many useful features like payroll processing, Remote Edit, SMS etc.We do not believe nor interested in any crack or hack. but I believe to offer in a genuine, 100% legal license, a premium unmatched support. Get if now just by participating in our giveaway contest.

As I promised earlier about our giveaway contest where a participant can win some free and genuine stuff. here is our first online contest whereby you can get a 100% licensed version of tally.erp 9 complete free in monetary terms. that means

All, you need is just to take part in the contest and we will arrange a draw date of which will be declared later on.

how to take part

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Impact of Accounting Expenses

Accounting Expenses plays a vital role in the profitability of any business. To learn any accountancy software, the best practice is to become familiar with the basic of accountancy.If you have not read the basic principles of accountancy, then working on any accounting software, will  put you in a place to seek help from someone! Knowing basic will help you to prepare and understand a balance sheet

Accounting Expenses |Impact on Accounts

Accounting is just a method of recording income and expenses.you must familiar with the impact of Accounting Expenses to become an expert of Accounts.

Basically, we all are aware that an expense will cut the profit however there is more room to expand our understanding in this regard.

Accounting Expenses

Accounting Expenses will decrease the asset or increase the amount of liability in other words it cut the share of owner’s capital.

For example, an expense for filling

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How to enter forex transaction in Tally.erp 9

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Recently, I have asked tally support for guidance relating to forex transaction as I was not able to get the desired result.

In response to above, Tally team sent me the screen shots of entire manual for recording forex transaction. Though my problem was bit different. However For general tally user this manual is very important and those who are not familiar with forex transactions in tally, they can now learn and can enter transaction properly.

reader can view and download the entire manual at the following link :


Further following reading is also suggested for a better understanding and in depth reading :

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Some More Thumb Rules for Accounts

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We have started Now!

In our last lesson we have learn purpose of starting this blog

In my last article , We have seen a bit of basic Thumb Rules for accounting. Here are a few more Thumb rules for accounts which are for ever, every where.

In Accounts, there are 3 (Three and only Three ) Master or Parent Account Head

1. Individual Accounts
2. Goods/Assets Accounts
3. Profit/Loss or Income/Expenses Accounts

Please remember these are the basic Parent under which all other account head or individual ledger or even account group falls

Let we go in a lengthly understanding


All accounts representing to any individual, firm, organization, company, whether naturally or have existence due to law are falls under this master head

–For E.g. Mahesh (a proprietor/ Partner/director of a firm is knowing as an individual accounts
— Bank e.g. ICICI bank,

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Tally Support | Get support from the Tally Software itself

Every day, so many tallynine readers ask me their queries through comments. It is not possible to respond each and every such query through comments.

Raising your query through a comment for an accounting software is not a good idea. I will encourage all my readers to raise their query through their Tally.erp 9 software itself.

Also accounting data is considered to be very confidentially and it should not be posted in a public forum.

Your problems relating to accounting and your data should be posted to authorised support centre only. Now you may select us your preferred authorised partner to solve all your queries relating to accounts and other matters.

Here is a snapshot for you to follow the process.

Start your Tally.ERP9

Click the Support Centre or Ctrl+H,


Tally Support


On the right side navigation bar , you will find a button “ New Issue”Or just simply

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TurboCASH Free Accounting Software

If you are looking just for simple accounting software you may give a try to TurboCASH Accounting software which is available for FREE. Any software which can be download and distributed under the General Public Licence (GPL) can never charge Fees. and so such software are distributed free.  personally I do never like to use a free accounting software for commercial purpose. I will use it only for learning purpose but again choice differs from person to person.

Accountancy is a global term and Accounts and business are  of each other and we can’t imagine one without other. Computerised system makes accounting maintenance simple and yet complex esp. for  people who don’t have a commerce background. In many cases people just jump to start working on an accounting software without understanding the basic of accounting. sooner or latter they find the system incapable to their use and they consider that

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how to enter different alt unit in tally ?

Sometimes ago, I have write about inventory ledger creation and how to record inventory vouchers in tally? Recoding inventory in tally is very easy however people get confused when they have to use an alternate unit. Say sometimes item comes in 1 Nox. box which may consist 5 KG!

In such cases, we have to specify the alternate unit and by setting up an alternate unit, you can easily manage your inventory in tally in two different units.If the ratio between the default unit and the alternate remains constant, then it does not have much problem however when this ratio changes frequently, people like me get confused how to record such transaction in tally.

Let’s assume an example  that is one time you get 1 nos = 5 kg, then second time, you get 1 nos. = 6 kg, then how you will resolve it ? I too was not

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Remote Access in tally.erp how can you benefit ?

We had already seen some Advance features which are to be launched with Series B of tally.erp 9 however today, I will let you one very advanced and a must to use features still a very few people know about it due to lack of knowledge and set up. This is the Remote Access Features . I had already write about how to access data remotely. Today I will let you know the detailed benefits of remote access

Trusted Remote Access in Tally.ERP 9
The concept of ‘remote’ arose from the limitations on business
owners and staff from traditional software systems that seriously
restricted what could be done, when it could be initiated and by
whom, from outside their offices and factories. More often than not
when a business closed for the day its data was effectively locked.
(The same effect when the owner went home or traveled outside

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