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Reconcilation in tally

Today I will explain you the concept the reconciliation. In accounts reconciliation is very important and tally makes it much easier job

In Accounts reconciliation is done for the following kind of transitions

1) Bank Reconciliation
2) Party Statement reconciliation
3) Tds challans Reconciliation

In business receipts and payments are done through bank/cheques etc.

Now whenever a firm issues a cheque it is accounted in the books of account of Issuer Company immediately however the same may not be entered in the books of account of receiver party or the bank itself due to many reasons.

It results in mismatch of balance between the books of accounts of related parties on a particular date.

Let’s assume Red & White Bros have issued a cheque of Rs. 50K to its suppliers m/s Anmol brothers as on 30.04.2009.

M/s Anmol Bros. receives the cheque on date 2.5.2009 and deposit it to their

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How to Print Axis bank RTGS form direct from Tally

Axis bank RTGS form printing is a TDL developed by us for one of our client.

By using the  this  TDL a user do not require to prepare a manual RTGS form for axis bank which is a time-consuming job.

All,you need is to pass a bank payment entry and it will print the RTGS in as easy steps as cheque printing. This TDL works on the same ground as cheque printing system and will work only with Release 3 and onward. If your TNS is expired, you can renew it through us

Axis bank RTGS form the concept

One of our client have to prepare 10-12 manual RTGS form to Axis bank often for payment processing of its suppliers. They were preparing  RTGS form in MS Office manually which was a time-consuming job and have to post the payment entries again. Also chances of mistakes were high. So,We had developed

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Logo Printing in Tally

Logo Printing in Tally is one of the important feature available with Release 3 and onwards.

Logo is considered a brand name of a company, product, image building.

Logo printing generally very much recommended to be printed in invoices, challan, pay-slips etc important documents. Here is a step by step detailed and easy procedure to enable logo printing in Tally.


Follow the steps shown below to enable and print logo / image:


1. Enable Company Logo feature in F11: Accounting Features and provide the logo / image file path.

2. Print the Sales Invoice to print with logo.

Note: You can print logo in Delivery Note, Debit/Credit Note, Outstanding Receivables, Reminder Letters, Pay Slips, Purchase Order, Receipt Voucher, Formal Receipt andConfirmation of Accounts in addition to Sales Invoice.


A. Enable Logo Printing in Tally:

1. Go to F11: Features >

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How to Import Masters in Tally from another company

As new Financial year started and many Tally users prefers to create a new company and new books of accounts.

Though I prefer to keep up accounts in the same company as it saves a lot of hurdle in creating new sets of accounts plus, I can view the continuous accounting reports. After finalization of my accounts I prefer to split data for two-year.

However its again a matter of personal choice whether to start new year in the same company or create a new company. If you create a new company, problem is always that you have again to create all ledgers manually which is a boring and time-consuming job.

BUT Thanks to Tally’s R & D team as it provides us a wonderful tool that is import and export and you no more need to create new ledgers in your newly created company.

One of my client

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Bank of India Cheque Printing in Tally

The most common help request I receive is for Cheque printing in Tally.

I love cheque printing in Tally because it help in avoiding manual cheque preparation which result in Duplication of work and are subject to error.

No matter you have to prepare 1 cheque in a week or 100 cheque in a day, Cheque Printing in Tally always be very useful for you.

Here is a detailed guidance on cheque printing in Tally. The dimension given this article are for Bank of India. but again dimension for ICICI Bank, Axis bank, SBI, Syndicate bank and Standard chartered bank are also available for a quick tool.


First of all, create a bank ledger under bank group.

I have created a chart of accounts for ledgers in Tally which is only for premium members and clients of I Vision Infotech. Entry to this forum is restricted only


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How to prepare UP VAT Return Form XXVI in Tally.erp 9

VAT Return filling is one of the vital statutory requirements for a business. States frequently change the VAT Return, forms and VAT Rates.Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd Just released Stat Version 137 to offer Uttarpradesh Vat Annual Return Form XXVI.  After downloading the latest Stat release you will be able to generate Uttar Pradesh Vat Annual Return Form No. XXVI direct from your Tally.erp 9. Earlier to Tally.erp 9, most of Tally users were preparing manual Vat return which was time consuming and and headache task.

As we know that Every business unit which is covered under VAT rules is required to file VAT Returns. These Vat Returns may be monthly or Quarterly but again every one must have to file an Annual VAT Return even if the Goods sold purchased by the unit are exempted from VAT.

However VAT return generated in Tally.erp 9 will work only if you have configured your ledgers

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How to Create Salary Structure based on Gross Salary in Tally.erp 9

Configuring Salary Structure is very important in Payroll processing and in HR management

Tally offers configuring Salary Structure in a very easy way.Let’s learn how to configure Salary Structure based on Gross Salary

As I repeatedly told that Tally.erp 9 provides a complete in-built Payroll module free of cost which helps in Salary Structure , PF , Professional tax, Gratuity, ESI deduction and now it even offers TDS deduction on Salary, Form No. 16a for employees, Employees complete Return preparation, declaration whatever you ask for payroll, it is available in Tally.

In Many company Salary structure is bifurcated into different pay heads where the Gross salary is defined by the management and then % of other pay-head is given to you so, How you will handle this situation in Tally. Let me explain you today how to handle this issue in Tally.

Suppose you were given the below table and

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Do you need support on Tally.erp 9 ?

For any business After sales service is the most important thing and this is more true when question comes to purchasing of a software or a service. For service Industries it is widely known as Support and not after sales service. An user of a software always requires support  in many cases no matter how well he is  experienced or intelligent.

It is undoubtedly crystal clear that only genuine users of a software can get free and authentic support which a  hacker or cracker can never expect. A hacker has to seek for support  in a secret way with a feeling of guilty of doing something wrong and so can’t ask the vendor of the software/authorised Service partner of the vendor company. It is same thing like consulting some unqualified doctor for some of your health problem and it is needless to explain you the risk of the same.


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Tally.erp 9 Free online demo | Try it now

Once I wrote about how to select a most suitable ERP Accounting software for your businesss and since an ERP system requires a heavy investment by way of money, Time and training of staff, It is always wise to check various options available to users.

Thankfully today, almost major ERP Accounting providers offer you a free or trial version before you  buy a product for your business. Till now Tally on rent was available for tally user for a test purpose at a throw away price. The rented software is really a good option to test the software because you can use this software for 1 to 3 months and even than can extend it according to your need. In accounting many times question arise some particular day where user feels confusion how to deal with it with the ERP system and here the Rented Tally provides the best solutions.

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Video on Interest and Penalty on Service Tax in Tally.erp 9

As you all know, that I am also working in Finance and Accounting department with one company and I am  looking entire accounts of my company. In spite of  more than 16 years experience  with Tally,I still not did not know many useful features available within in Tally.erp 9. Recently, I wanted to generate service Tax challan G.A.R. 7 from the Tally.erp 9 itself but the problem I was facing that it does not capture the penalty and interest code in the challan.

Now, instead of searching it over Google, i simply raised the problem on support center of  Tally.erp 9 because accounting data and matter is always considered as confidential and you should ask it only to authorised people instead of searching over Google.

I just got response in 2 hours from the support center and it was really very easy to set up interest and penalty in Tally.erp

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