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Allocation of Expenses in Tally|How to do ?

Old reader of the blog are well aware that sometimes ago, I have written about how to create item ledger with vat and excise and how to pass zero value entry  in  Tally which generally used for gift items or sales promotion.

For last 2-3 days, I was providing remote support through Team viewer  to one Tally user based at Doha – Qatar who was facing some problem to track additional cost like Custom Duty/ transportation /freight charges etc.

Tracking such expenses is necessary to decide your actual cost of purchase. So, Today I am writing about how to track additional cost of purchase using Tally.erp 9. This feature is having a bit limitation that is you can use it only if the additional cost was charged by the supplier of the goods within same bill. To track  additional cost charged by a third-party, you need to take help of

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Learn TDL free : how to make colorful boxes in Tally.erp 9

Starting from the  getting started with  TDL in Tally than followed by our first TDL in Tally, we are trying to help students who wanted to learn Tally TDL on their own way. To learn TDL codes you may read all the articles under Learn TDL category

;; Sri Ganeshji : Sri Balaji : Sri Pitreshwarji : Sri Durgaji : Sri Venkateshwara

Objective(s) –
–     This program displays multiple colorful boxes using Dimensions

Last modification –
–    Altered on 07/11/2009

[#Menu: Gateway of tally]
add: item : box: display : Boxes
[Report: Boxes]

Form         : Boxes

[Form: Boxes]

Parts         : Box1
Space Top     : @@MW2
Space Bottom: @@MW2
Space Left     : @@MW
Space Right : @@MW

;; Template Part

[Part: Boxes]

Space Top     : @@MW2
Space Bottom: @@MW2
Space Left     : @@MW
Space Right : @@MW
Border         : Thin Box
Background     : White, Light Petal Pink

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Buy Tally.erp 9 Gold & Get Exclusive TDL free

As you all know that we are promoting usage of licensed version of Tally.erp 9 as using a hacked software is not a good thing. It is a loss for a software developer as the company who invest a  lot of time,money and skill to develop the software can’t get the full reward of its such investment. It is a loss for the nation as the Government loss the revenue by way of taxes.A cracked seller can never issue you a Tax Paid invoice. This is a biggest loss for the country and a shame on the part of the seller of a hacked software as well as buyer too as he can’t get a Tax Invoice for the software he is purchasing. Tell me if you can get ?

Why we do not feel shame while using a crack software ? using a crack software is illegal. against morality

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Suggestion to Improve Tally.ERP 9

Tally is  the famous  Indian ERP accounting software, and  is offering so many amazing advance features to its users on a constant basis which is very much appreciated. I have no idea about Tally’s inbuilt application platform however, from my profession of teaching and accounting, I can suggest some features which may increase user’s overall experience with Tally.erp 9 and the same is very beneficial to small and micro SMB who can not invest huge amount after SAP, Quick book or other customized Software. Further to above, no other ERP accounting software can beat job prosperity which is available only for Tally Accountants.

Enhanced Ratio Analysis in Tally

Ratio Analysis help managers to understand financial position quickly and help them in immediate decision-making and I really appreciate that Tally is providing Ratio Analysis however the facility is now limited only to few Ratio which cuts the usability of this great

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Release 3.0 tally.erp 9 |new features coming soon

Release 3 of tally.erp 9 of Current series A is due and it will be available soon to all the tally users.  Yeah, There are some long-awaited and expected features for which tally community was looking since a long time.

  • Here is the brief features that will be available with release 3 of tally.erp 91)Auditor’s edition enhanced with form 3CA and 3CB
  • Now you can enter Multiple addresses for the Company and for Debtors and Creditors in Master ledger
  • Complete  Jobwork  module for manufacturers with excise compliance
  • Rs symbol  We love India and how can we miss our currency symbol ?
  • multiple outstanding entries will be available.
  • if  you want to insert your company logo, in the bills etc.., it can be done ! now no more need to customise for logo print or any TDL!
  • auto back in customised path/folder. An enhanced feature  of the earlier release 2.1,and now
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How to Teach Tally

Tally is very nice accounting software and if a teacher starts his teaching career as tally teaching, then he should not only be the perfect in tally software but he has also perfect in teaching skills.

Teaching of tally is quite different from any other classroom teaching. Because, we can teach tally after dividing into two-part.

1st Teaching of Theoretical Concept: This is totally relating to teach basic accounting concept to the learner. It is not compulsory that learner is from commerce background. It may be possible that he is from art or science side. So, minimum double entry system and journal entries should be taught by tally tutor or teacher.

2nd Teaching of Practical Concept: In this concept, teacher must give enough machines and teacher should teach about how to create company, how to pass voucher entries and how to treat tax in tally. We can further divide

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How to record reverse credit for Orissa enabled vat Company

you might be aware of my article vat and excise entry in tally and how tocreate an item ledger with vat and excise

Though tally.erp 9 does not adjust your input and output and you have to record the same through a journal entry and before doing so, you must create a vat adjustment voucher class.

Here, I will discuss about vat adjustment and reverse credit for Orissa Enabled vat company

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F7: Journals > Select the voucher class created for VAT Adjustment from the Voucher Class List

(1) Reversal Input Tax Credit on Transfer

Select Reversal Input Tax Credit on Transfer in the Used for field

Debit: Purchase ledger (grouped under Purchase Accounts with VAT/ Tax ClassPurchases @ 1%, Purchases @ 4% and Purchases @ 12.5%)

Credit: Input VAT ledger (grouped under Duties & Taxes

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TDS on Salary in Tally.erp 9| Coming soon

As you all know that release 2 of tally.erp 9 hosted so many advanced and important features like Job and recruitment, remote edit, SMS in tally and tally users excited with these new features. The only feedback for these innovative features a tally user can say is “just wonderful”

However Tally’s R & D team is working hard without a break, without self-satisfaction and trying to offer more and more important features and utilities to tally user. All I can say a BIG Thanks to Tally R & D team.

Today, I am very much happy to tell all of you that in its next release e.g. Release 2.1, Tally will offer one of the most wanted TDS feature that is TDS on Salary for payroll.

Currently Tally’s TDS automated system works fine and is exhaustive for all TDS head except the TDS on Salary however now this feature will

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physical stock voucher and register in Tally.ERP 9

physical stock voucher and register in Tally.ERP 9 offers to maintain complete inventory system in your accounting data base. As said earlier inventory management in Tally provides a complete inventory solution. recording  production and consumption voucher in tally help to get access to your stock at any time which is very useful for preparation of balance sheet as well quantity recording which generally you have to give  to your statutory and other auditors.

Generally sales, purchase and manufacturing voucher entries help to keep a track of stock quantity however some incidents arise that there is a difference between your actual physical stock and the stock as per your tally records. In such case you need to pass a physical stock voucher as explained below.

Physical Stock Voucher is used for recording the actual stock which is verified or counted.  It could happen that the Book Stocks and the Physical Stock

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Purchase and Sales Order processing in Tally

Many readers raising query through comments asking about how to process Purchase Order so today, we will discuss the easiest way to configure Purchase and Sales Order Processing in tally

If you are aware about setting various option through F11 in tally, then you will not find it hard to configure various option yourself. We have already discussed some such set up in tally and all you need is to browse your tally software to explore various potentiality of this wonderful ERP accounting software. A reading on voucher entry configuration will also help you to maximize  the benefits of this software.

To enable Purchase Order Processing in Tally, you must set your accounts with inventory which you can do by creating/altering company.

here is the step by step procedure for Purchase and sales order processing in tally.

To enable Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing in Tally.ERP 9, activate the

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