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How to Activate TDL in Tally.ERP 9

TLD is an extension to the Tally.ERP 9 software which adds some coding to the default software.

A TDL is  Tally.ERP 9’s coding languages or a programming language which can be write in a simple Notepad or a Tally Developer Network, a Special IDE designed to write the Tally TDL Tally Developer Network is free for educational purpose and a license is needed only to secure the source code for commercial purpose.

Refer the   detailed tutorials on how to add  a UDF in the ledger master

And if you are more serious to learn Tally TDL with live projects and real life practical assignments then You can join the online Course Tally TDL  to learn the Tally TDL. This is India’s only online course available to learn Tally TDL systematically with code explanations, real-life projects and step by step how to guide

Tally TDL is a Domain Specific

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Auto back up in tally how to enable ?

As we have seen some easy and advanced feature of tally.erp 9, in its latest release 2.0 one of them is auto back up.
Since data back is a biggest rescue source in today’s  digital life, you can’t live without it. In accounting, it is an alternate life line for you and you must be aware of the process involved in back up and restore of your data.Till now we all were taking our tally back up manually, which is very boring and unwanted task for me, and I was looking for an automated system of back up for tally data.

Now, Release 2.0 comes out with a solution for the same and it will help you to take your data back up automatically without any manual process.

Hats off to tally’s R & D team for its innovative initiatives to provide us more and more features which make our

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Sales of Fixed Assets | How to dealt with ?

In business, many times situation arise when an unit needs to sell assets due to one or another reason. Here many novice tally user esp who don’t have proper accounting knowledge will get confused to record the transaction.

To understand treatment of accounting entries in tally.erp 9 for fixed assets sale first we should understand the meaning of fixed assets.

Fixed assets is a tangible or intangible assets (movable or immovable) assets which is ordinary does not purchased in normal course of business activities. It is a permanent type of investment (long term Investment) and the purpose of purchasing such asset is not to earn profit by way of selling the same.

While Goods are purchased for the purpose of earning a profit by re selling/producing other items. So, purchase /sale of such goods must be entered through a purchase/sales vouchers.

for e.g. a trader who is in the business

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Online tally test : test your tally knowledge

One of  the tallynine reader Mr. Ali from Dubai are some other requested me to create some online test so to check the tally.erp 9 and accountancy knowledge as well as to learn tally.erp 9. Sometimes ago, I have posted a questionnaire however there was no method to check the result. Here is an advanced tool to evaluate your knowledge and skill on Tally.

Here  is a pilot test for all tallynine readers. If you like this, then  Definitely, I will prepare some more advanced online test.


If you are ready then, go to the above link, then select pilot test.

This test is for 10 minutes only and once you hit the start button, the time will start counting….

Of course, I am very hard for evaluation and so be careful the passing mark is 70%

right now there is only 6 question.

I will wait for your response

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Inventory entries in tally.erp 9

One of  tallynine.com reader Akash requested me to explain the how to deal with manufacturing entries  in tally.erp 9.Many other reader esp. newbie also facing how to deal with inventory entries in tally.erp 9

Tally.erp 9 provides  a seamless and easy to manage inventory entries. but first one should understand how to manufacturing process works.

In a manufacturing company some items consumed that is called input and the item which is produced is called as output or a product which you have to sell.

So, we can conclude that suppose you are purchasing two items as raw material one is steel and second is paint so both these are will be known as input item or raw materials that is consumed in manufacturing process.

Now it will give you a new product that is painted steel. It is called the output product which you can sell in the market in

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Ledger and related groups in Accounts

So Many frequently, I receive comments/feedback from my readers that after downloading the latest software of tally.erp 9 and creating a new company in tally.erp 9 what they should do to learn the tally.erp 9 and how to go ahead. The most confusing thing in tally.erp 9 for a beginner esp if unfamiliar with accounts is the ledgers and grouping of the same

The next step for all such readers, I will suggest   creating some ledgers in the Tally.ERP 9. Because in when a new company is created in the Tally.ERP 9. Two ledgers will be created by default that is cash and profit and loss account.

So, until and unless a user creates some ledgers in a newly created company, he/she will not be able to post any entries in tally.erp 9

BUT again while creating the ledgers in Tally.ERP 9, people feels difficulty that is which ledger

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More tips and tricks in tally.erp 9

We have already discussed some tips and tricks in tally.erp 9. today we will browse some more tips

Value Added Tax

Did you know that you can provide the opening balance for Input Tax Credit of a new Company?

Yes, it is possible to provide the Opening Balance for Input Tax Credit in a newly created company by giving the amount in the Opening Balance field followed by Dr for the Input VAT Ledger grouped under Duties & Taxes and Type of Duty/Tax as VAT. The opening balance will be displayed in the VAT Computation and the respective Forms. Selection of Vat/Tax class is optional.

Service Tax

As you are well aware that service tax module in tally.erp 9 release 1.81 has been complete re written.
Below information will also help you on a specific issue in this relation.
Some services wish to raise bills on number of

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how to create PF Deduction Ledger in Tally.ERP 9

Sometimes ago, we have seen payroll processing mechanism in tally.erp 9. Today, I will let you know to create PF deduction Master ledger in tally.ERP 9.

However before proceeding further you should also read to create attendance master to use payroll automated entries

An unit which is covered under the provision of Provident Fund Account is required to deduct Provident fund employees share from the salary payable to employee before payment of the Salary.

In Tally.erp 9 the provident fund mechanism is very simple and easy to manage.

Following article will help you to create deduction of employee’s contribution to provident fund in a very easy way.

To create Employees’ PF Deduction Pay Head,

Go to Gateway of Tally > Payroll Info. > Pay Heads > Create

  1. create a new pay head with the name “ Provident Fund staff “
  2. Set the information as shown under the pay head  Info
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Coming Soon : Job work in Tally.Erp 9

Just only yesterday we have learn about the revolutionary version of Series B which will be launched at any time in the near future. We have seen some advanced features that are going to be available to tally community through the release of the upcoming series.Further to above, Tally Solutions is constantly taking care to  develop  more and more feature at a very affordable price to its community. Affordability  and simplicity is the root of tally’s basic identification.

Today we will discuss one such very much needed feature for SME’s esp those engaged in Manufacturing and use job work through third parties

First let’s understand the process of job work

A manufacture many times requires to send some raw materials or semi finished goods to job workers(ancillary units) to perform some process on the same. The job work performs the specified job and returns the materials to the manufacture. The

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Are you ready to Series B of tally.erp 9

As per planned road map of Tally.erp 9 now its time to cheer up for tally users. After a very successful launch of series A of Tally.erp 9 now, its time to release Series B

Series B of Tally.erp 9 already created a lot of buzz in tally community. here is  a detailed list of some wonderful features which will be deliver with the launch of Series B

However if you are still using tally 7.2, then its time for you to upgrade to tally.erp 9 and take advantage of the simplest accounting and erp solution.

This Series will deliver major enhancements both in entirely new areas of functionality as well as in technology capabilities.

Technology & Capability Enhancements

Support for multiple application windows, which can even be launched by clicking on a mail link or a ‘shortcut., Each of these are simultaneous ‘windows’ into different areas of your

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