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Cheque printing dimension of standard chartered bank

This is my third article on cheque printing configuration in tally.

Here is the dimension for standard chartered bank. To set this dimensions properly, I recommend you to go thoroughly my earlier post on Axis bank cheque printing and ICICI bank cheque printing to know about the basic set up required for cheque printing. After reading these article, just fill up the following dimensions step by step against every related field. You can also print cheque self cheque for cash withdrawal from the bank


Leave last two field blank.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line about your experience with cheque printing in tally.

You may download other bank cheque printing configuration from our Support Forum

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How to access data remotely in Tally ?

Note : To Access your data remotely your tally.net license must be active and if it has been expired, then you can contact us to renew the same. You can also buy any tally related product from us.
One of the biggest advantage of net is accessing any data or information remotely and to stay connected with friends, family and people remotely.You can view and share ideas, information, photos etc with any person you wish so using internet.
Accounting software can’t remain away from providing such facility to its user and so, Tally.erp 9 already started to provide this much needed facility to its user and through tally.net services now tally user can access their data remotely in tally.
Accessing your data remotely is very useful for writing books of accounts, verification of the same by your C.A. or even by people on move. What it says carry on your

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Concept of vat

The Value Added Tax (VAT) is a type of indirect tax and is one of major source of revenue to the state. The VAT system was introduced in India by replacing the General Sales Tax laws of each state. Presently in India, out of 35 States and Union Territories, 32 are following this new system of Sales Taxation. The States/Union territories which are yet to implement the VAT system are Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Nagaland and Lakshadweep.

The VAT system of taxation was adopted by Indian States and Union Territories in the Year 2005 by replacing the General Sales Tax Laws with New Value Added Tax Acts and the supporting Value Added Tax Rules for proper administration and collection of Tax. Each state or union territory has its own methods to assess the tax liability and collection methods from the dealers who fall under the purview of VAT.

The Administration

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Debit and Credit Note in Accounts

Following my article on learning on basic of accounting, today we will learn what is debit note and what is a credit note

and how the same are dealt with in accounts ?

Image Credit


In accounts there were many instances when an Organization receive debit note or it has to issue a debit note to its suppliers, customers, employees, third party and so on.

when you receives a debit note, from a third party, you have to credit the account of the issuer of the note and debit the related expenses /item account.

suppose you have purchased  an item at  a rate of Rs.100 however by mistake your supplier had billed you at  a rate of Rs.95, then your supplier may issue a debit note for balance of Rs. 5 plus vat and other applicable duty. In such a case, you have to debit respective purchase and

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set up POS invoice in tally

POS is an acronym for Point of Sale. Point of Sale could mean a retail shop, a check-out counter in a shop or any other location, where a sales transaction takes place. The various POS equipment used in retail outlets are Cash registers, card readers and barcode scanners

POS is an acronym for Point of Sale. Point of Sale could mean a retail shop, a check-out counter in a shop or any other location, where a sales transaction takes place. The various POS equipment used in retail outlets are Cash registers, card readers and barcode scanners

Though all versions of tally 9 support POS however, if you have a big retail shop then you should upgrade to tally.erp 9 release 1.6

Go to main menu of tally and select Accounts Info

Now select voucher types as highlighted below

then Select Alter

Now select Sales voucher

Press Enter and you will

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E-mail a Report from Tally.ERP 9

Using the email facility provided in Tally.ERP 9, you can e-mail reports and documents such as invoices, purchase orders, statement of accounts and email reminder letters without using external emailing software.

To email a report from Tally.ERP 9 execute the following steps:

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statement of Accounts > Outstanding > Ledger

  1. Select the required Ledger Account from the List of Ledger Accounts.
  2. Click M: Email on the button bar.
  3. The Mailing Ledger Outstanding form is displayed based on the information provided during the creation of company master. Press Backspace or No to change / modify the parameters, if required, or select Yes to accept.
  4. The E-mail Server field is highlighted, enter the name of your SMTP server followed by the port number (smtp.gmail.com:465). It is mandatory to enter the SMTP server name for the first time. Subsequently, Tally.ERP 9 will display the SMTP server
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how to create salary head in tally ?

We have already discussed  creating employee master and attendance master in tally.erp 9

Tally it is known as pay head.

Today, I will explain you how to create pay heads in tally

Pay heads are the type of salary or components of salary package

for i.e. basic salary, House Rent Allowance, special allowances, conveyance, allowances, provident fund, employer contribution, professional tax etc etc. are known as pay heads in tally.

So, if your salary package consist of several different components then you have to create all such different different pay heads. Here I will explain you how to create a basic salary pay head.

Remember , you don’t need to create a gross salary or net salary pay head!

Go to main menu of tally or gateway of tally and click the payroll info

Now select pay heads as shown below

Create a new pay head as per below


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how to create CST purchase ledger ?

All sales and purchases within the territory of a state are known as local sales/purchases while cross boarder sales – purchase transactions are known as Inter-state sales and purchases for which a supplier may require to issue form “C” against the purchases and require to collect form “C” against all such sales

Interstate purchase and sales attract less vat duty as comparing to local vat rates. read my article to know more about CST and various forms under CST Act, 1957

It is mandatory to account all such transactions properly and a list of C forms issuable and C form receivable for all such purchases and sales respectively

tally.erp 9 supports proper accounting of all such interstate transactions and satisfy all requirements due to such cross boarder transactions.  however it is possible if you keep certain things in mind and record all transactions properly.

before you go further, create a

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attendance master in tally.erp 9

Few days, back I write about employee master creation in tally.erp 9 for payroll processing. However we have yet to go a long way and today,I will explain to you how to create attendance  master in Tally.ERP 9.

Creating Attendance master is very important without which you will not be able to keep track of days attended by an employee or manpower absent data, leave data.So, using this facility will serve a complete payroll processing in Tally.ERP 0

Before you go ahead, you should have a look  how to use payroll in tally

Go to the main menu of tally i.e. payment gateway and then select payroll info


you will see below screen. now select Attendance /production types

Now click to create (means create a new attendance type)

Enter the name of attendance you want to create for e.g. days attended, absent, sick leave, paid or privileges leave,casual leave ,leave

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how to write multi narration in tally.erp

I have written about voucher entry configuration few days back

In tally, you can write narration for each single entry however look the following screen shot !

how you will write narration for these entries as one single entry consist multiple debit account

Here is all three difference transactions were incurred by one voucher hence all the three transactions will be accounted through one single cash payment entry instead of 3 separate entry. This help saving of time avoid undue labor work but the point to remember that it should contain separate narration for each transactions otherwise you can not justify the the proper details of transactions through one single narration.

So, question is how to write separate narration for each entry, In tally it is known as multi narration

to enable multi narration follow this procedure

Go to main menu of tally and then click

Accounts Info

now click

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