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How to use payroll in Tally.ERP 9?

Managing payroll in any organization is a tough job and statutory compliance make it more complex and difficult. Fortunately the business solutions software from the Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd offers easy management of Payroll in Tally.ERP 9?

If the requirement was limited just to calculate the payroll for employees, and disbursement only then the job is bit easy in excel. Just type the name of employees, fill up the attendance details, salary details, make formulae and its all done.like generating pay slip, reporting of loans,advances, salary of a group of employees for a particular period of time etc etc

however the reality is different. The accounting / HR staff of a company has to do many other work and it is not possible to manage all such additional requirements in excel.

Again here, payroll software come to help you However Due to my own experience, I believe that a payroll which

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Data corruption in tally 7.2 ?

In Tally 7.2, the most common problem is any time data got corrupted and you can’t log in to the company.
Solutions to that problem was to take back up frequently of your work however again you have to re enter all your entries since last back up time which is a big hazard

The best solution to the problem is migrate to tally.erp 9 as till date I never see any single instance of this problem and I never lose any my single entry after migrating to tally.erp 9 in spite of so many power disturbance or any other reason

One another good feature of tally.erp 9 is that u can take back up (by copy paste method) at any time even if you are working on it, viewing any ledger or printing or making entry which was not possible in earlier version of tally.

However, if due to

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Tips and Tricks in Tally

If you want to repeat last narration of last voucher, then go to narration of the voucher and Press Ctrl +R  it will place the last narration and will save your time to write to write narration again and again

You are entering vouchers and suppose you made a mistake in entry however the voucher was saved now you want to alter it, then you will need to follow a big long procedure.

But I will explain you here by which you will be able to modify the voucher without going to related ledger account and without leaving voucher entry screen

Hit the page up button from your voucher screen and you will find the last entered voucher there. now you can modify it easily alter the voucher.

Similarly you can edit any voucher by this way by selecting a date and pressing page up button again and again and

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How to enter Vat, CST and Excise in Tally 7.2

Using tally 7.2 ? and confusing where to seek help ?

First of all, I would like to advice you to upgrade to Tally.Erp 9 if you are really keen to account your business in  a professional way with more accuracy, speedy to keep pace with the latest statutory compliance. click here learn how to accounting perfectly for vat, excise and cst in tally.erp 9

If you like tally.erp 9 then you can download the latest version of tally.erp 9 by clicking here

Normally, I do not provide support and guidance for tally 7.2 but considering  a huge request from tally 7.2 users, today, I am giving some tricks and tips for tally 7.2

If you want to enjoy auto calculation of Excise, Vat, CST, Discount etc then first of all, you need to configure your tally as given below:

Go to main menu of tally  and Press F12



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How to prepare a Balance Sheet in Tally ?

So far, we have learned about basic of accountancy, creating a company in Tally, posting, vat, excise etc voucher entry and now we will go ahead and will discuss how to prepare a balance sheet in Tally because preparing a balance sheet in accountancy is the final destination for Accounting personnel.

First of all, we will look this matter from the view of manual accounting system
The process of Manual accounting is :

1. Preparing Vouchers/Bills etc.
2. Preparing Cashbook, Journals, Purchase and Sales Register and Bank book
3. Preparing Ledgers by posting items to personal ledger account from the item no. 2 as above
4. Preparing a Trial Balance
5. Preparing Trading and profit & Loss Account
6. Preparing Balance Sheet

Now, Vouchers, Bills ,cheques  are the base of accounting system they forms a transaction which are recorded in a day book,cash book,bank register,buy/sales register
then each transaction has

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Tallynine.com now on mobile

Tallynine now on mobile. tally user now can access tallynine.com through their mobile by typing the url :

Enjoy now the latest trend in tally.erp 9 and learn tally with your mobile

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How to account TDS deducted by your customer

Many times situation arise when you raise an invoice to your client, on which your client is requires to deduct TDS and pays the balance amount to you.The amount so deducted by your client, he is liable to pay it to the Income Tax department, hence its a receivable for you which you have to claim from the Income Tax Department and not from your client.

Now, we will see how to handle this situation in Accounts and Tally 9 ?

Suppose you have issue a bill of Rash. 1 Lac on which client deducted TDS of Rs. 1000 and pays you Rs. 99 K then the entry in your books will be as under :

Dr. Bank Account Rs. 99 K

Dr. TDS Receivable Account

( This ledger should be open under the Group Loans and Advances ) Rs.1 K

Cr. Client Account    Rs. 1 Lac

The result will

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How to Print ICICI Bank Cheque in Tally 9 ?

After a very impressive response to my post on how to print cheque for Axis bank in Tally.erp ?, I am posting today cheque configuration for ICICI bank. on request of so many tallynine readers

First of All, If you don’t created any bank account then you will need to create a bank account as explained in the screen shot. To, open the a new bank account go to Accounts, Ledger, Create and type the name of bank under the group Bank Accounts.Fill the necessary details such as account number, address , BSR Code(though not necessary but mandatory for using TDS module in Tally.erp 9).

Now go to Main menu of tally.erp 9 and press F11 and select Accounting features

Go to other features Set enable cheque printing to Yes

Set/Alter Cheque Printing configuration ‘yes’ and you will find the screen to set the cheque printing dimensions.Fill it as per

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How to set Voucher Entry Configuration in Tally ?

In tally or tally.erp 9 voucher entry configuration is very important. Tally user has to set/change the default voucher entry configuration as per his/her requirement and some changes in configuration is generally requires for a fast and error free posting.

Voucher entry configuration will help you for speedy receipts and payment entry

However if you haven’t created any company in Tally, then you should create a company

To change the default voucher entry configuration the procedure is :
Go to main menu of Tally
Press F12
Select voucher Entry

You will find the screen as per shown in the below link :


Now set yes or no as per your requirement

for e.g. I always prefer to pass fast entry for vouchers so, I always set configuration as :

skip date field in create mode  “yes”

it help me in faster entry of all vouchers as it will bypass

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FAQ on ETDS and ETDS return in tally.erp 9

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1. What is e-TDS Return?
e-TDS return is a TDS return prepared in form No.24,26 or 27 in electronic media as per prescribed data structure in either a floppy or a CD ROM. The floppy or CD ROM prepared should be accompanied by a        signed verification in Form No.27A.

2. Who is required to file e-TDS return?
As per Section 206 of Income Tax Act all corporate and government deductors are compulsorily required to file their TDS return on electronic media (i.e. e-TDS returns). However, for other Deductors, filing of e-TDS return is optional.

3. Under what provision the e-TDS return should be filed?
An e-TDS return should be filed under Section 206 of the Income Tax Act in accordance with the scheme dated 26.8.03 for electronic filing of TDS return notified by the CBDT for this purpose. CBDT Circular No.8

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