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Tally.ERP 9 Getting Started Guide | Start Learning Tally Step by step


Here is the simple process of Tally.ERP 9 Getting Started Guide

  1. Download and install the software
  2. Create a company and load the company
  3. Go through the below article


In Tally.ERP 9 Voucher entry section is the place where you can feed your data to the software.

Here is the typical main menu of Tally.ERP 9 software which is also called as Gateway of Tally.ERP 9

As in the below screen, you can see Transactions which contains Accounting vouchers and Inventory vouchers. (Note that the second option will be activated only if while creating you have opted Accounts with inventory). You can activate inventory option anytime.

An Introduction of the Gateway of Tally.ERP 9|


A. Masters

B. Transactions

C. Utilities

4. Reports

5. Display

6. Quit

Tally.ERP 9 Getting Started Guide

Let’s summarise in brief

C. Masters in Tally.ERP 9

Masters are  related to master ledgers which transactions can’t be possible.When we create

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Smartsheet review :team collaboration

It’s been a while I posted anything. It was all about Tally ERP 9. Was’t it? Here is something a little different, quite innovative technology and tools. I liked it, ‘coz I am able to do a lot out of it. Even more than I thought. I hope you are familiar  with  softwares like Smart-Sheet which offers task management. Last year I was looking for a tool through which I could co-ordinate with my team and also monitor the tasks that are being carried out by each assignee. Also I could know their work status without asking them. Similarly I do not have to mail every assignee the task or work assigned to them. While working with a team after assigning work to the team members, it is difficult to track their work progress and performance. I was searching for a  team collaboration  software   in which day-to-day as

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VAT Mismatch Handling – During Quarter Endings

VAT/CST – filing returns During Quarter endings

There is a common problem which customers face during VAT/CST returns especially during quarter ends.

The issue faced is:-

Suppose a customer’s supplier party A issues a bill on the 30th of June (invoice issued). The material  is received on 9th July.

Now the mismatch arises if  the customer shows the purchase in the second quarter (JAS) while the supplier has shown the sales in the AMJ quarter.

Actually, this can be handled easily in tally using receipt notes and purchase bills.

Even in case of interstate transfers, this can be handled as follows:-


Case 1:- When you get to know the purchase invoice date (same as the sales invoice date of supplier). This can be known from the website too as the way bill has to be given before they can release the material.

Entry is made as:-


8_purchase www.tallynine.com

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accounting in garment industry using Tally.ERP 9

Tally.ERP 9 supports perfect accounting and business solution for almost every industry, trade and business. Here we will learn how to use Tally.ERP 9 in garment Industries where garments are rented and how to do accounting for garment in Tally.ERP 9

 accounting in garment industry : problems

Case:- Customer wants to maintain his accounts/inventory of suits that he gives on rent. So, how the accounting in garment industry will be maintained in Tally.ERP 9 with inventory?

The customer would want to keep track of the suits given on rent, and their collection.

Let us see an example :-

We create ledgers

(our customer) – Mr Abc.

How to use Tally.ERP 9 in Garment Industry
accounting for garment learn how to manage in Tally.ERP 9 for dresses given on rent


The sales ledger:-

accounting in garment industry



The items that we have for renting out are :-

accounting in garment industry item creation

and the second item is accounting in garment industry item creation

We have created two items in the case. We

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CST entry in Tally.Erp 9| A practical approach with case study

CST entry in Tally ERP 9 helps to manage interstate transactions in a business because generally interstate sales and purchase require  issue/receives various kind of statutory forms which is difficult to manage if we do not pass CSTentry in Tally.ERP 9 properly!

You should also read tutorials on VAT

How to create VAT Master Ledger in Tally.ERP 9

I also write about concept of Vat and if you pass a correct Sales Entry  in Tally.ERP 9, then the software will give you perfect error free vat payable amount within few clicks!

CST refers to Interstate sales and purchase transactions. The article will describe the detailed procedure how to record CST in Tally.ERP 9.
Earlier we have discussed  how to create VAT and cst purchase ledger  in Tally.ERP 9 p

CST Entry in Tally ERP 9

An Engineering company has a limited number of clients, but has a few complex processes.

We will

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Auto Distributorship Management

There is a segment of Car Distributors that purchase cars and then sell directly or resell to the outlets. Today in this tutorial we will learn how to manage Auto Distributorship Management in Tally.ERP 9.
Most of these car distributors have outlets and they are maintaining data branch wise. There is a need for maintaining even at branches,
Let us say the purchase of 10 cars is done by the branch 1, 5 by Branch 2 and 3 by Branch 3 and 20 By HO.

the entry for this is shown as :-

( The purchasing price of each automobile has been taken as 3,00,000) and the entry is made as :-

Auto Distributorship Management

In case you are wondering why this purchase has been done in voucher mode, please recall this has been done because we have to use cost centres and cost centres can be used for purchase entries

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Construction Sector using cost centres

The construction sector involves a lot of complexity; however they can be well managed in tally.
The two most important requirements are that of managing a project wise expense and earnings and the other important thing is to be able to maintain a no- inventory Balance sheet and at the same time to be able to selectively manage inventory for some items/transactions.
Tally enables you to manage this beautifully, you only need to know a small trick in Tally.
First of all you need to be able to maintain cost centers ( not cost category) that should be used when you want a much more detailed report. For the time being most of the functions can be obtained by using the cost centers itself.
Here in the construction business we will take the example of purchasing bricks say at the rate of Rs. 8/ pc.
Now there can be two

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Hospital Management – Tally.ERP 9

This tutorial Hospital Accounts in Tally.ERP 9,  is a series of the  Practical Case Studies Tutorials.  This is the case of  Hospital Management – Tally.ERP 9 wherein bulk purchases are made and then sales made to either Big hospitals or retail sales are made over the counter.

We will take the case where we will consider both the cases of managing specific customers and local over the counter customers.

Also, we have a case where in certain cases we have to mention the Purchase order against which the purchase is made. We will see how that is obtained from Tally.ERP 9.

Here we will use the concept of Price lists to cater to the different types of customers.

We create the regular sales/purchase vouchers and the surgical supplier Ledger  is created as :-

Hospital Accounts in Tally.ERP 9

Now,  in this case, we have created only one item “Instrument A” and set its

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Payroll Management for a Bidi Manufacturer

The case study here is that of a local manufacturer of bidis.  Let us say I am the owner, and I have a Admin Manager and an admin staff as employees.

I hire contractual workers and pay them as per their production. In this case study we will be focusing only on this payment pattern for such employees. For both regular and contractual employees.

Here we have created Group ledgers as admin and contractual workers. Under Admin, we will have the two employees and contractual workers group where we can keep adding the workers who would work under contract and pay them as per their productivity.

Let us first create an Employee Group Admin as,:-



then the second step being :-


Once the Define salary details is set to Yes , we will add the salary structure of the admin group as:-



This is created by

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Tour and Travels Management in Tally.ERP 9

Today, we will study the case study of how to maintain Tour and Travels Management in Tally.ERP 9 along with practical examples. This is a pure  service industry and there is no inventory as such, they have specific billing requirements and have a rebate of 60% to 75% even this is changeable.
We will take a case where a booking is done by a customer for traveling, food and other expense.
We will charge all of that and in addition to that charge a service tax. Now there is a rebate of 60% in this department. If you have a greater rebate, you can mention that with the SL/Notification number and can avail that abatement.
We have taken the customer by the name of Traveller.
Now when the customer comes to us, we do the booking of this – this is a sales order for us.

We create the ledgers

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